That thing called love…

What is ‘arranged marriage’? Two strangers get hooked and end up getting married. And like many other, that has been my love story…

But whether it is arranged or a love marriage, life after the holy rituals is just so different…! It’s much beyond the dreams that you see where you are the princess n there is perfection all around. In practicality, the word ‘perfect’ does not exist. As you get to know more of each other, you feel that your husband is not the person whom you had dated.

Then what happens..? You suddenly feel your shoulders heavy with responsibilities. More you try to lighten the burden, more heavier it gets — but this is what you term as ‘marriage’ — a sacred relationship and the sweetest of all where despite of all burdens, there is love, there is care. You don’t have to pretend and can be yourself. You can apply beauty mask on your face or oil in your hair, wear a clumsy pyjama or not even that, you can have mood swings, throw tantrums, act like a kid or an adult — but you have an assurance that you will always be loved. No matter where you stand in the outside world, but you will always be respected at home. You maybe in the worst of your moods, but your partner will understand you. Or in initial days of togetherness, at least try to understand you.

But mistake which most of us do is clinging on to each other all the time. Instead just give time and space. Never forget yourself to be with him because if he loves you, he will let you keep your identity alive. Never keep expectations. But just love and understand each other. Life is not a bed of roses. There could be thorns or tides to wipe you off your feet time and again, but keep holding hands tightly. Hug when the other feels low, as at the end of the day, it’s just the two of you with each other, for each other to share your lives forever.

As you grow together in life, cherish this togetherness…!!



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Navneetbanwait Designer

Creative to the core, I see world differently. I am a designer, architect, artist, speaker, mentor & a mother of two which makes my content multidimensional…