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3 min readMar 6, 2022
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'Modernism' nowadays seems to be a term misunderstood…

Sitting in a college canteen after ages as I look around, my eye catches a glimpse of a very young girl sitting with a boy who probably looks like her boyfriend with their body-language. Hope you understand what I mean when I say 'body-language'. I not only pity her embarrassed friend who is sharing the table with them, but also a group of four boys sitting on an adjacent table seeing the happenings from corner of their eyes. They are constantly envying the lucky lad sandwiched between two girls. The girl in mention is falling all over her boyfriend thinking that by taking such obscene initiative in the middle of an open canteen, flocked by a crowd of people, makes her a 'modern' girl. How I wish God save such girls who lead their whole life without realising that they were just being an eye candy for the rest of the people, a mockery for themselves. In my opinion it was indeed a total abuse of the word 'modernism'.

I have seen that most of the people judge others and define 'modernism' on the basis of attire, behaviour, makeup and habits. Though not really interested in judging, I always used to love observe people. With more than a decade of passing out from college and being a mother of two now, I feel I have grown out of the clichés I always used to hate — what girls should do and what they must not indulge in. In the life I have lived so far, I have seen women riding bikes, drinking to the level of hangovers, being chain smokers, having multiple making out partners and some enjoying in extra marital affairs as well. Surprising is that most feel proud doing all this just because it helps to give them a feeling of equality or superiority from the male race. Sometimes I doubt that these very 'clichés' could be responsible in pushing them to what they are focussing on doing today considering themselves to be 'modern'.

'Modernism' is a perspective of life. It comes from how you think. It means living the way you want to live. It means ignoring the visual diagnosis of people. What 'Modernism' doesn't mean is — competing with men. On the contrary it means embracing the difference between male and female. Focus on dressing well, not scanty…reading more, but relevantspeaking less and with poise… Indulge in competition, not with others but with your own self to become better and better. Being modern doesn’t mean going the cosmetic way to look beautiful, but to embrace yourself the way you are along with those scars that narrate your experiences of motherhood. It means to exist naturally with a sense of pride of the super natural powers of creating new life.

I love to see women running companies as CEOs, I love when I travel in a flight led by women pilot, I love to see women driving public transports, i love when I see women bikers, I love to see women winning medals for their country, i feel overwhelmed to see women fulfilling their dreams in various walks of life….for 'modernism' is freedom. When I witness this scenario around me, I don't see women competing with men, but in fact helping them by contributing in upliftment of the family finances. I see them retaining their identity and exploring their optimum potential. A modern woman will not be standing on a pedestal in order to compete with her man, but will be working with him as a team, holding his hand so that together they can give their kids the best that they possibly can.

Hence, I would say that growing one’s mind to this level of mature thinking and demonstrating it in day to day life is what it takes to be 'modern'.



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